So is that a new computer every year?

No, same computer for 4 years. Thats why we want to start you out with something high quality.

How do I actually reimburse the laptop?

Last time we checked reimbursements were done online. This is a question for your HPSP representatives. We are not kept updated on any changes that may occur to their protocol. Historically they have been excellent about keeping their students “in the loop” about any changes that may occur.  Since you are all new to the HPSP program, the military will take time to explain to you how to process reimbursements.  Keep your paperwork as they will request receipts etc.

What is the military policy on HPSP laptop rentals?

US ARMY HPSP STUDENTS will find details regarding the HPSP computer rental in Chapter 7 of their their policy handbook. This handbook is available on In May of 2015 the handbook read “You are not authorized reimbursement for the purchase of computers or microscopes but may be reimbursed $500 annually for rental of a… computer (4-year maximum).”

US NAVY HPSP STUDENTS guidelines were less obvious. A data-sheet with re-imbursable items was listed on the “2014 HPSP Reimbursement List” as “Computer rental (Lease without lease to own) – $500 per year (4 years)”

Details are available through your individual program. We strongly encourage you to contact your program to verify the above details.  The above details are only accurate per our last verification in May of 2015.

How do you “streamline” the reimbursement process?

Until recently there was no 4 year laptop rental programs easily available. Our program makes sure that the rental period (4 years), price ($500 or less every year) and the products (consumer grade laptops etc.) are what the military will reimburse and what you need (the most important part!).

Could I get a desktop computer rather than a laptop?

We would be willing to rent you a desktop computer.

How fast can we process your order?

Depends on how quickly you need the order!  We will work as fast as we can.  Feel free to contact us and let us know what your schedule requires.  We may be able to process your order (contract, verification, payment etc. in as few as a couple hours if necessary) and then send you the product from our distributors.

Can I rent a laptop/computer for 3 rather than 4 years?

We understand that some people don’t find out about this program until their 2nd year of school OR entered the scholarship program after their first year.  If you want to participate in our abbreviated program we may require that you submit the first two of three payments together and then the last payment on schedule.  You can find the alternative contract here.

What if I don’t get the product I requested or if it is damaged?

Before you open the package look for identifying information.  Make sure it is un-damaged etc.  You will be responsible for the fulfillment of the contract if this isn’t addressed ASAP.

What if my computer becomes damaged after I receive it?

Unfortunately we do not have an insurance program.  We will be very understanding of your situation but won’t be able to replace the laptop for you.  You will have to figure out how to get it fixed, replaced etc. to attend to your own needs.  Hey, at least it wasn’t yours right?!


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